Awesome features with exceptional user experience

makes Dott 360 a complete product

BI Powered Reports with charts, multiple report options & easy to understand

BI helps you , discover key patterns, and compelling correlations that are not as obvious in plain reports. Data visualisation display these patterns in pixel perfect meaningful charts and graphs that helps you gain deep insights in minutes that otherwise take hours. Our Debrief reports with nth level analysis will save your precious time. Get strategic inputs with Group report & much more

Fully Customizable with No Additional Cost

Every company and its projects are unique. No one understands this better than us! Therefore, to celebrate your uniqueness, we have added advanced functionalities that will allow you to customize our 360-degree feedback tool to match your exact need, without any additional cost.

Add Your Own Questionnaire

You have an option to add your own questionnaire (items) or get our team to get customised questionnaires designed at zero cost and make it ‘yours’ with no limits.

Rating Scales & Rating Labels

You can choose up to 7-point rating scales and also add Not Applicable (N/A) as one of the response options. You also have the option to change the rating labels.

No. of Respondents Group & names

You can customize the labels for the respondents’ group-relationship to reflect the exact terminologies used within your company or project.

Multilingual – Supports 100+ languages

We provide you with over 100 language options to collect the feedback and view reports.

Customize pre built Email Templates

We have also got your invitations covered! Our product comes with prebuilt email templates that can be customised for every project. Email templates refer to welcome – invite emails to respondents and participants, reminder emails, important messages etc.

Tens of other Customization Features

You can set a cut off score to auto generate IDP’s, set feedback completion due date, add or delete a respondents and much more. In addition, you can also create project specific versions of feedback survey and use it any time in the future.

Free IDP’s & Developmental Planner

One of the outcomes of 360-degree feedback intervention is to have an action-oriented individual development plan for every participant.

Our platform lets you create individual development planner (IDP) template and detail their development needs based on the cut-off score set by you. This saves enormous time and effort of every participant and their manager in the IDP creation and developmental process.

This auto generated IDP also ensures that there is a standardised development template as a great starting point. The participants can then discuss with their manager and/or coach and agree upon surface critical themes and draft an action oriented personal development plan using this template.

Like other features, this module is available to all our clients at no additional cost.

Save 50 % your Time and Resources

Yes! You can save minimum of 50 % of your time, resources and cost that you spent on your earlier 360-feedback project. When you sign up with us, we develop your questionnaire free. At no cost, we will also setup your project, roll it out, follow up and manage your project end to end.

Free Feedback Questionnaire Design

When you sign up with us, our PhD level experts will develop a customized feedback questionnaire that is simple, easy to understand, reflects your organisation’s culture and expressed in formal language.

Project Set Up & Roll out at Zero Cost

Project set up and successful roll out requires time and attention to details. We make your 360 journey seamless and hassle free by setting up your project, rolling it out and managing it end to end.

Seamless Project Administration

Post project roll out, we assign a dedicated customer service executive who is available to answer all respondents’ queries and guide them towards successful feedback completion. Our representatives may also follow up with those who are yet to complete in order to get the feedback completed well within time.

Free Guide Books, Tools and Templates

These include project & communication planning templates. 360 debrief guidebook helps you structure, deliver and conclude a productive debriefing session with your 360 participants. Our action planning guidebook provides clear and a comprehensive six-step process to craft a personal development plan.

Diagnostic Analytics, Dashboards, User experience & much more

In addition to the regular 360 feedback reports, we also provide our clients with diagnostic analytics at cohort and company level. Respondents are important stakeholders and therefore, we have ensured that they get the ultimate user experience irrespective of the device they use!

Cohort level Diagnostic Analytics

These BI powered cohort reports helps discover key patterns, and compelling correlations at the cohort / company level and gain deep insights in minutes that otherwise take hours. It acts as a key input in developing people capability building agenda and strategic planning.

Completion status Dashboards

We keep you updated on the feedback completion status through dashboard that is delivered to your email on a daily basis. The dashboard includes feedback completion, in progress and yet to start data in both percentage and absolute terms for every participant and group as a whole.

Ultimate Respondents’ eXperience

To enhance respondents’ experience, we have added features like auto save (this gives them an option to start from where they left), feedback completion status and message alert. Clean interface and easy navigation are some of the other features that enhance user experience and drives higher completion rate.

Multiple Device Compatibility

Dott 360° feedback product is compatible with multiple Internet browsers and devices like desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. So whether you are at the office, at home or on the go, Dott 360 feedback is in the palm of your hands.

Bank Level Rock Solid Security & Compliances

We take your privacy and data security very seriously. We protect and secure your data using multi-layered security features that puts us in the same league as that of many blue-chip bank servers.

Secured with AES 256 and high-level symmetric encryption algorithm, once encrypted the system ensures that all data stored in our database becomes a jumbled mess of random characters.

Every quarter, multiple security experts perform penetration testing that includes top 10 security threats and application logic attacks.

Last but not the least, we are happy to announce that we are compliant with (GDPR) requirements. we are committed to not only keep our EU customers’ data protected and safeguard their rights. but also customers from all countries enjoy the same policy.

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Experience the next level of 360 reporting with powerful BI & data visualization with multiple reports to choose from

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With free access to 100+ competency library, creating a customized questionnaire is a breeze

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learn how to plan, structure, deliver and conclude a productive debriefing session with your 360 participants