Even top assessment companies rely on us for bespoke design

Competency Mapping

We help companies build their competency framework that describes organizational core competence in clear and essential performance standards that employees can aspire to and managers can interpret.

Clearly described competencies provide transparent and objective criteria for companies to:

  • Assess every hire to ensure standardization and eliminate any subjective judgments
  • Have a consistent measure of performance, making it easier to be objective when assessing employee’s performance
  • Enable managers to identify development needs of their team members in order to improve performance.
  • Measure the potential of team members and identify individuals for future roles and succession planning

We offer customized competency mapping methodologies based on your current and future organizational structure, company size, business lines, and above all, your need, budget and time frame.

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Assessment Center

The success of any assessment centre lies in the quality of design and the way it is conducted. Whatever level of support you need, you can be confident that we will provide an effective solution, using the expertise of our team of experienced assessment experts and psychologists.

Our team comprises of experienced and certified AC national & international experts who can design various simulation exercises that replicate your business scenario. Assessor handbooks that we design are scientific yet easy to use and encourage fair and reliable ratings. We offer our expertise towards:

  • Help you design assessment centers from scratch
  • Bespoke design of business games, in-tray exercises, case studies, job-simulated tasks and role-plays. We can design standalone exercises and full assessment centre packages.
  • Suitably train your staff so that they can observe and facilitate the process and above all you can run assessment center independently and consult us only when required.

We can support you in a number of ways, depending on your company size and above all your need and budget. We’ll work in partnership with you to provide the perfect middle mean where the quality is unsurpassed while the prices are affordable.

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Psychometric Services

At our research center, we have put together a marquee team of researchers, statisticians and psychometricians, who are literally who is who in psychometric world! This team expertise lies in analyzing data and is handy with all the statistical tools including SPSS and knows psychometric principle at back of their hand.

We off the following psychometric services:

Standard Setting

Simply put, standard setting is the methodology used to define passing scores or proficiency levels and cutscores corresponding to those levels. It is a critical aspect of the test development process and involves key stakeholders from the client side, test developers and measurement specialists early on to ensure that the test results will be useful and defensible.

Test & Item Analysis

Test Analysis gives you detailed information regarding the statistical and psychometric performance, including the reliability, of an assessment. Our test analysis report includes Reliability (Cronbach’s Alpha), Kurtosis, Mean (arithmetic), Standard Deviation; Variance, Standard Error of measurement etc.

In short, the test analysis helps companies ensure that your test reliably measures what it was designed to measure. Provides data and analysis crucial for ensuring defensibility of an assessment.

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