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Personality and Psychometric

Dott Test offers the widest range of best in class, personality and psychometric assessments to assess a person’s workplace behaviours, styles and preferences, i.e. how will they typically act. They are designed to measure those particular aspects of personality that determine, or are predictive of, successful performance at work; how the person handles relationships at work, their thinking style and how they manage tasks, and their feelings and motivations etc.

These instruments has been designed and developed by renowned international test authors, who have spent years of research integrating different personality dimensions and applied psychology aspects to work settings. Because we also have deep industry experience, our diagnostics also include situational questions and behavioral simulations based on real life business scenarios and work settings.

We also understand and appreciate socio-cultural uniqueness of the region, and have therefore developed region – country specific assessments that is validated and reliable. The assessments are contemporary, robust and relevant, suitable for employees, leaders, and job seekers.

Our assessments have multiple applications including recruitment and selection, development, leadership and succession decisions.

  • Dott Leadership Style
  • Dott Work Motivation
  • Dott Decision making style
  • Dott Influencing Style
  • Dott Conflict Management style
  • Dott Team effectiveness
  • Dott EQ
  • Dott Sales Achiever
  • Dott Customer Service
  • Work ethics & Integrity
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Competency profiler

Our Competency & Behavioural profiler presents the candidate with a series of engaging, realistic work-related scenarios they are likely to encounter on the job. Wired with psychometric properties, behavioural profiler assesses their ability to make effective judgments in response to these scenarios. Candidate’s responses are then measured against a particular competency and a ‘fit’ score is generated against that particular competency.

These competency & behavioural assessments are customized to capture the true essence of the role and culture of your organisation. Our psychologists will work with you to identify the most suitable competencies for a particular job role and design a mapped assessment.

Our Competency & Behavioural profiler diagnostic tools are underpinned by the highest validity and research and are highly useful bespoke recruitment tools when you have large no. of candidates to assess. No other selection tool will give you the same level of return for such a comparatively small investment.

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Cognitive Ability

Dott’s cognitive ability (CA) tests are based on latest cognitive capacity research of the scientific community and measure the following eight basic cognitive aspects.
  • Sustained Attention
  • Response Inhibition
  • Speed of Information Processing
  • Cognitive Flexibility and Control
  • Multiple Simultaneous Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Category Formation
  • Pattern Recognition

These aspects are unique and offer deeper and accurate insights of candidate’s ability to solve work-related problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically.

Various other abilities that can be assessed through our CA tests are: ability to think constructively rather than at simple fluency or vocabulary recognition; ability to use reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion; establishing relationships between facts, and for chains of reasoning that “make sense; critical thinking & problem solving ability; level of speed in making analysis or assessments; level of concentration in solving problems and ability to focus attention and quickly process information.

Depending on what your needs is, our psychologists will design the right assessment for you that you will measure on your job applicants.

CA tests are usually timed and thus measure both accuracy and speed. They are available in multiple languages to serve a wide variety of frontline hiring needs. Last but not least, Dott offers proven and legally defensible results.

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Functional & Technical

Our Functional & Technical skills tests have been designed to filter candidates, who have in-depth knowledge in a particular functional or technical area, earlier on in the process so that you do not waste your time interviewing the wrong candidates.

Functional, domain and industry experts have developed base version of these tests. To ensure these tests have the right blend of theory and real work scenario, we have enhanced it further with simulation exercises and caselets depicting real business job scenarios to test the candidate’s key concepts and its practical application.

  • Engineering
  • Finance & Accounts
  • HR
  • IT Infrastructure & Support
  • Legal
  • Customer Service
  • Production & Operations
  • PR – Media
  • Project Management
  • Purchase
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Technology – Coding
  • Technology – QA & Testing

These tests are usually timed and thus measure both accuracy and speed. We offer proven, legally defensible results and are available in multiple languages to serve a wide variety of frontline hiring needs.

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